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Contact Centre’s are Vital Brand Ambassadors

The importance of the contact centre’s function as brand ambassador has been overlooked by management for years. However, this is about to change as more and more companies are realising that the battle to win and maintain customers is fought by contact centre agents every day. “We recognise the trend and appreciate the significant role of the contact centre,” says Andrew Doyle, Managing Director, Jabra Business Solutions, UK & Ireland. “We believe that contact centre agents are major contributors in safeguarding brand perception and by making this value-add tangible, it will clearly demonstrate their role as brand ambassadors alongside their Marketing colleagues.” According to Laura Bassett, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Avaya, a global leader in business communications and Sarah Stealey Reed, Content Director at International Customer Manager Institute (ICMI), we will see a shift towards contact centres becoming much more of a customer experience and knowledge centre, playing an important role as “brand guardian”. Sarah Stealey Reed, ICMI, comments: “When customers finally communicate with the contact centre it is because they literally have reached the end of the line. So, that interaction with the agent needs to be fantastic or this might very well be the last time you will ever hear from that customer again.” Companies are no longer being defined by their products, but by the way that customers experience them. And now that the customers have so many options of brands and products to choose from that experience is vital. “That is why call centre agents are becoming much more like brand ambassadors,” Sarah Stealey Reed concludes.

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