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Contact Centre Décor


Working somewhere with funky décor is something we would all like (you’ve seen Google’s offices right?!), but how can we keep the functionality of a Contact Centre whilst providing a fun, interesting environment for our Customer Care Advisors?

From the window to the wall…

Whilst white walls give the illusion of space and airiness, they can be a little boring and of course, hard to keep looking fresh. One way to brighten up your white walls is to paint them with whiteboard paint. Supply coloured pens for Advisors to decorate in their break time. You could even hold art competitions judged by the other advisors!

Colour me beautiful

Not keen on giving your staff free reign with a pen on the walls? Why not paint them bright colours? Company colours are always a good idea, or ask your different teams to suggest their favourite colours. They could have a wall each with their own staff notice board and weekly stats.

Cosy club

A break room shouldn’t just be a room away from the contact centre floor. It should be somewhere that staff can really relax and make the most of their often short breaks. Having a staff room as far away from the sights and sounds of their busy working environment will enable them to relax more and filling it with comfy chairs, a radio, TV or books will allow them to take their mind out of the ‘work zone’ for a few minutes.

Keep it clean

There is nothing worse than a dirty workspace. This will immediately make employees feel glum and undervalued. Toilets and kitchens especially should be kept spic and span with regular deep cleans. Assess the volume of people using the facilities and ensure your cleaners are keeping on top of it. Encourage your staff to respect their work place cleanliness too by providing plenty of waste bins, washing up facilities etc.

Croquet on the lawn?

Outside spaces at Contact Centres are often limited, but make the most of what you have by providing picnic benches, bins, paddling pools and plants to create an outside break area. Stretching the legs and getting some fresh air will give staff an energy boost to help them through the afternoon.

You go girl!

Use the space around the building to inspire and empower your staff. Framed photos of Employee of the Month winners or motivational quotes and brighten up the area and give Advisors something to focus on after a bad call.

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Posted on May 25, 2017 @ 1:22 pm by Ansaback


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