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UK Consumers will pay more for better customer experience

A recent study conducted by RightNow Technologies, has revealed that consumers are willing to pay more for better customer experience in spite of the tough economic environment.

Findings from the study have shwon that;
• 88% of consumers would pay 5% or more for great customer experience
• 62% would be willing to pay 10% or more
• 25% would pay 15% or more and
• 11% of respondents would pay 25%

Founder and CEO of RightNow, Greg Gianforte, suggested “”most people we spoke to said they had stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience; people are less tolerant these days”; he also suggested that the results indicated how a massive change is needed in CRM space, further commenting how “businesses should take note and spend less time and energy on product price wars that devalue their brand and concentrate more on providing a better experience. Ultimately a superior customer experience will help to build brand loyalty and have a positive effect on the bottom line.”

As a UK based contact center, Ansaback have implemented tremendous training and CRM practices to ensure that the customer service delivered to our clients exceeds their expectations.

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