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Coming Soon….IPPlus Sports and Social Club

In the not so distant future, IPPLUS PLC will be introducing the IPPLUS Sports & Social Club.

Members of Ansaback 24/7 call centre will be joined by members from CallScripter, IP3 Telecom and Ancora Solutions to organise regular sports and social events’ for everyone at IPPLUS to enjoy.

It can be quite difficult for some of the staff members to get to know each other due to different shift patterns throughout the 24/7 call centre as well as being located in different parts of the office, so it was decided to put together a group to arrange for everyone to get together on a regular basis to get to know people they would not normally have the opportunity to and take part in some fun activities.

The club will be running different sporting events and social events to appeal everyone’s interests and there has already been a lot of discussion as to what events should take place. Paintballing, go carting and ice skating are on top of the list so stay tuned to find out more!


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