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10 Steps to a Greener Contact Centre

One of the best New Year’s resolutions we’ve had here at Ansaback is to make our workplace greener. Suggestions have come from Customer Care Advisors right through to Senior Management. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to make our environment more conscientious. Last one out? Turn the lights out! We work out of…

Why organisations NEED to enhance their employee experience

How Employee Experience is driving Customer Experience – a 4 part series  Is EX a flash in the pan, or is it worth us taking notice of? Why should we be trying to understand it and what is in it for business owners? Part two: Why organisations NEED to enhance their employee experience. We live…

Why is outsourcing your customer service a taboo?

As a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) servicing over 400 clients in a variety of capacities, we have become experts in providing bespoke and personalised professional services. However, we have many clients who prefer to keep their outsourcing activities discreet, this has long been the case in our industry, but as customers become more aware of…

Focus on…Samm Gardiner

Name: Samm Gardiner Aka: Mrs. G, Mumma G, co-pilot on the flight desk Job Title: Operations and Resource Planning Manager Starting with the company 14 years ago as an evening part-time advisor, I have worked in a variety of departments as team leader, supervisor and assistant contact centre manager before my current position. What is…

We took a tour of St Elizabeth Hospice

IPPlus Plc supports a local charity throughout the year by raising money through various activities such as dress down days, raffles and staff nights out. For the last two years, we have supported St Elizabeth Hospice and we are pleased to announce that we will be continuing to support them throughout the next year. As…

Game-changing name-changes

Why the terminology of the past is giving way to the buzzwords of the future Those of you that have been in the communications industry a while will have seen a significant change in the terminology used over the years. Like the celebrities featured in the image, some phrases have been refreshed for aesthetic purposes;…

Optimising Summer Downtime

For many businesses, August is a quiet month when staff and clients are off on their holidays. You may find that projects slow down and the work load drops. Having downtime within any company is a rarity. Rather than viewing it as an unwelcome lull, why not use it to your advantage? Get organised. Take…

IPPlus raises record amount for local hospice

As our financial year comes to an end, it is time to announce the total monies raised by the company for our designated charity. Our dedicated charity team: Mary Goldsmith and Kim Hynes have worked tirelessly over the year arranging events for the charity such as quiz nights, sweepstakes and accumulator challenges as well as…

Creating a Fun Contact Centre Environment

Here at Ansaback we like to make work as enjoyable as possible, after all we spend a large amount of time at work. Our recent updates to the Contact Centre floor have made the surroundings of our work space more personal and homely. Here are some ideas that might inspire you!   Our welcoming reception…

World Back Up Day!

Don’t be an April Fool! Back up your data! Today is World Back Up day; a whole day dedicated to encouraging individuals and businesses alike to back up their devices. With so much of our day to day activities being carried out on IT systems, the risk posed by damage or loss of data is…

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Online Retailers in the Dark about ‘Vampire’ Shopppers

October 16, 2017
Yonder Digital Group researches the most active hours of online shopping and the support that retailers offer (or don’t)
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