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Cancer Research UK

Following a successful procurement process Ansaback was selected by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) to provide telephone support for their DRTV campaigns and various other direct response projects that CRUK engage in throughout the year.


Ansaback has successfully implemented a fully integrated telephone donation handling service which complies with all technical requirements and has far exceeded targeted requirements throughout the duration of the service. From inception Ansaback was able to advise CRUK on various improvements to their existing script and processes that would aid the management of the phone call and post call processes.

Ansaback handles the response generated by Cancer Research UK’s DRTV campaigns and various other DR activities which include an inbound donation line and an SMS response service. We offer a fully integrated solution which enables us to provide Cancer Research UK with accurate information, thus helping the management and production of their internal data processes to run more effectively.

Added Value

Ansaback introduced the concept of SMS response to CRUK’s DRTV advertising, adding an additional
revenue stream to their already successful advertising strategy. Ansaback has also recently sourced and proposed a brand new direct debit processing agenda that has the potential to generate an additional month of revenue from each regular supporter.

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We have worked with Ansaback since June 2009 and found them to be a professional, efficient and proactive company to work with. Their knowledge of the charity sector coupled with their experience in the call centre industry has proved to be a real advantage for us while undertaking various direct response marketing activities.
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