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Can your customers contact you 24 hours a day?

The evolution of technology, services and our dependability on them has meant businesses constantly have to find ways to keep their customers satisfied. 24/7 services are becoming normal practice for many businesses and customers are now starting to expect it.

It can be difficult for a business to offer 24/7 services and can be a huge risk it is not done properly. The cost involved in setting up a call centre and keeping an office open over the course of an evening can be enough to deter a company from offering a 24/7 service. Outsourcing your 24/7 operation is a very cost effective way of setting it up as you do not have to pay out for staff, overheads and equipment.

Ansaback have been offering 24/7 (365) call handling and telephone answering solutions since 1998. We have a dedicated customer service department who deal with jobs that a critical to the core business of many of our clients. The tasks carried out by our Customer Service team include the arrangement of vehicle recovery, logging and updating on telecommunication faults and reporting of IT and system issues.

To discuss how you could offer your customers a 24/7 service, please call 0800 088 7878.


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