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Owl Rescue, Ansaback services know no limits

When call handling agent Steve Guerrini left work on 7th October, he saw something that caught his eye in the Ansaback call centre car park.

It turned out to be a very young owl that was dazed and confused with an extremely swollen eye, it was clearly in distress and had obviously been involved with some kind of traumatic incident with a vehicle or some other predator and was close to death.

Using his initiative Steve captured the owl and contacted the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary to see if they could advise what to do; they immediately offered to take the owl in and assist in any way they could.

Following specialist treatment and a few weeks of TLC the young tawny owl had fully recuperated and was ready to return to the wild, with its sight fully restored.

When the time was right the owl was bought back to Ansaback, close to where it had been found and released. Julia Wilson, who released the owl said “He flew off very close to the ground into a wooded area. I was hoping he would fly up in to a tree and call to his friends but no such luck”. The team at Ansaback were delighted that the owl had survived and was back in the wild.


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