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Non Geographic Numbers

We provide a vast array of non-geographic telephone numbers (NGNs) and SMS shortcodes suitable for every need. Below is a guide to the phone numbers available and some examples of typical usage scenarios.

All services come with 24/7 access to the reporting suite, where live statistics and routing controls are available at the click of a button.

Freephone Numbers

0800 & 0808

Ideal for sales lines. Let your customers contact you free of charge from a UK landline.  Beware these numbers are not free to call from mobiles, so you may like to offer a mobile phone alternative, like a 03 (see below).

Flat Rate Numbers

0844 & 0843 

Perfect for customer service lines and technical support. Caller pays 5 pence per minute at all times.  We either provide the numbers to you for free, or with a rebate depending on your volumes.

Lo-Call Rate Numbers


Variable lo-call rate to the caller. Low cost to our customers. Give your business a national identity with a locally charged number.  Common with customer service lines.

Geographic Network Numbers

01 & 02

A great choice for multi-sited companies and to give your company a local feel.  IP3 can provide all regional codes across the UK.  These numbers are also cheap for your customers to call from their mobiles, and often included in any free minute packages they have with their provider.

UK Wide Non-Geographic Numbers

03 & 030

Same cost to the caller as a geographic number (01/02) however this is included in mobile & tariff minutes; this is a perfect replacement for a 08 number, for scenarios which receive more calls from mobile numbers.

Revenue Generating Services

0871, 070 & Premium Rate Services (PRS)

Speak to our consultants about possible rebates for campaigns where higher rate non-geographic numbers are required.

SMS Shortcodes

Adding to your marketing coverage, SMS shortcodes are easy to remember text numbers, usually five digits in length, widely used in print advertising, TV and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising. Our short code numbers are familiar to all the leading UK mobile phone operators.


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