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Telemarketing and Telesales Team

Real conversations for real results

A thoughtful telesales campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your circle of opportunity. Ansaback can help you reach out to new customers and maximise your existing relationships with a creatively targeted plan of action. We’re here for you from the earliest planning stages of your campaign. Before your first call, we’ll take the time to learn your business inside and out. We’ll work with you to devise a strategic, flexible sales script, and train a dedicated team of energetic, enthusiastic telemarketing experts to represent your brand.

Each and every call is a chance to make a real connection with your customers. Fantastic sales figures are our goal, but along the way, we will strive to give your clients a satisfying experience that will build loyalty and foster word-of-mouth recommendations so that your investment continues to work for you even after the call is over.

Let us speak for you

With our years of experience in outbound telemarketing, we’ve learned a thing or two, and we’re still constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. After receiving intensive client-specific training and being briefed on all the details of your company and campaign, our call handlers are ready to be the voice of your brand, utilising innovative cross-selling and upselling techniques which enhance the customer experience and drive up your profits. By operating a 100% UK based outbound telemarketing call centre, we can maintain an exceptional level of quality assurance and customer service. We support our operators with regular performance reviews and mentoring programs, enabling them to execute your telesales campaign with professionalism and pride.

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