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Customer Experience

Becoming a seamless extension of your team

When you call in the experts at Ansaback, you gain the expertise, experience, and best-in-class technology we’ve built up over years of helping companies achieve excellence in customer service. You’re also taking the first steps on a collaborative journey, where we immerse ourselves in the culture of your business. We cultivate a thorough understanding of your brand values, business goals, and highest priorities. Your vision becomes our vision. That deep affinity allows us to select and train Customer Care Advisors who “get” your business on a fundamental level, with the ability to treat your customers exactly as you would. It lets us design and implement tailor-made call scripts and campaigns which produce real results.

At Ansaback, we handle more than a million interactions each year. Each call matters and each conversation is a unique opportunity. We don’t take that for granted.

Nurturing excellence and expertise

Our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience begins with a rigorous recruitment and selection process. Each member of our carefully chosen UK call centre team has the particular qualities of attitude, enthusiasm, and personality required to excel at this job. We have refined a training program which nurtures that raw talent into professional, passionate brand ambassadors who take your success to heart. Our advisors know our priorities are committed to their continuous growth and development as experts in their field. They receive ongoing and refresher training, as well as regular client-specific briefings which keep them up to date on all the vital details of your business.

Quality, consistency, and measurable results

Ansaback has a robust quality assurance programme in place to support our Customer Care Advisors in giving you the very best customer experience. We provide monitoring and mentorship to all advisors to ensure that their high level of performance is consistent and reliable. Through the use of call recording and data review, we can immediately identify issues with individuals, and offer extra training and coaching to reinforce their skills whenever they need help. We remain involved and engaged at every stage, monitoring specific calls and using advisor feedback to ensure that all areas of concern have been addressed and resolved.

Our software systems and switch facilities provide us with all the data we need to measure our performance. We can write bespoke reports detailing performance on all the monitoring criteria you request. Call handling statistics and performance analysis are at our fingertips, and we’ll craft a scoring system to your specific requirements. By logging all performance scores as we go, we create a benchmark for future improvement. We never stop working to bring you the very best customer experience in the business.



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