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Outbound Sales and Service

Positive, professional, and intelligent: every outbound call Ansaback makes on your behalf is carefully crafted to forge strong relationships with your customers. We take the responsibility of representing your brand extremely seriously. Because the quality of service is our priority, we make it our business to recruit and retain the very best call handlers available. Through ongoing mentorship and training, our dedicated UK Customer Care Advisors stay up to date on every detail of your business so that they can offer your customers the kind of service you’d give them yourself. Our client relationship team devotes themselves to understanding your needs and goals on a broad level, to help you create scripts, campaigns, and marketing strategies that offer you an excellent return on investment.

Our outbound call centre services include:

Telemarketing and Telesales Team

Discover new opportunities and make the most of your existing relationships with a carefully designed and executed telemarketing campaign. Our telemarketing and telesales team are skilled communicators who can help you realise impressive results at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Customer Surveys and Research

Discover what your dream customers are thinking. Tap into a rich vein of marketing insights, direct from your desired audience. Ansaback enables you to discover how current and prospective customers feel about your company by helping you to ask the right questions.

Lead Generation

You can exponentially improve your conversions and sales figures by working only from qualified and confirmed leads. Ansaback will team with you to build a custom plan to generate interest in your business and identify ready-to-buy prospects according to your specific qualifications.

Database Cleaning and Updates

Ensure that your database is fit and ready for business, and you’ll save yourself time and money. Quality data is the cornerstone of efficient, effective marketing. Let Ansaback offer you cost-effective solutions for data verification and collection before you launch your next campaign.

Customer Experience

Ansaback’s outbound call centre is devoted to providing quality customer service at every level. With rigorous training, ongoing education, and continuous performance assessment, our staff work every day to ensure that they treat your customers with the care, courtesy, and professionalism they deserve. Results and transparency are as important to us as they are to you, and we can provide detailed bespoke reports of campaign performance based on your criteria.

At Ansaback, we take pride in our collaborative, consultative approach, which lets our team become a seamless extension of your team. It’s our job to offer and collect the vital information which leads directly to sales, and to ensure that every call ends with your customer feeling more loyal and more connected to your brand after each conversation.



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