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Is your business prepared for Christmas?

Has it really been a year since the decorations were brought out of storage and the workplace was decorated with an abundance of tinsel and brightly coloured baubles?

A year since kitchen cupboards started to get stocked up with mince pies and other festive fare? A year since your employees were getting excited about what to wear to the staff Christmas party? A year since you missed all those orders and lost valuable customers because you could not manage the call volumes you received? You cannot under estimate the value of great customer service and too many businesses are doing just that by not being fully prepared for what the festive period can throw at them. This not only results in loss of customer faith but hits very hard on the bottom line. We all know that Christmas is a peak trading period and businesses will spend millions on advertising, you have probably already seen the array of retailers competing for the most creative or heart rendering Christmas TV advert.

However many businesses fail to plan sufficiently or effectively to manage the customer demand generated from this advertising. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ Some will use temporary staff to help manage spikes in call traffic generated, or even try to manage with existing staffing levels by culling holidays during this period. Is this really the most cost effective and efficient way to manage your customer interactions? Yes, granted you may find some hidden gems within your pool of temps but ultimately these people will spend a short amount of time with you, will not always be highly experienced call handlers, will not always be motivated or incentivised to maximise order values, will not always be focussed on delivering exceptional customer service. All of which could have a detrimental effect on your business and the success of your Christmas campaign. There is a better solution, one that I would quite frankly like to scream from the roof tops! OUTSOURCE!!!

If you outsource to the right provider you not only expertly manage your call traffic but will: • Have highly skilled call handling agents managing your calls • Have agents that are motivated and incentivised to upsell, maximising order values • They will deliver exceptional customer service • Gives you real flexibility and scalability It will negate the need to use temps, you will not have to find short term work space to accommodate them which can lead to long term expenses, it is more cost effective and the service can be ‘switched off’ once the Christmas peak has subsided. All of which could have an extremely positive impact on your business and ultimately increase your bottom line, so why would you not consider outsourcing? Yes, I may be bias, but I have been in this industry a long time (this is my 10th Christmas to be precise). I have seen many times over clients who have outsourced some of their business functions to help manage demand and deliver exceptional customer service and maximise orders and revelled in the success that this has given them, their only regret being that they had not considered it for previous years. If you would like to discuss outsourcing in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Toni Vincent-Panich Head of Sales – Ansaback – UK based 24/7 contact centre. Making every contact count…

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