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Building an Efficient Call Centre in UK

The call centre at Ansaback has now been operating successfully for more than a decade. Our employees love coming to work as there is always something challenging waiting for them; a new script to learn, a new company to represent, an exciting business meeting to attend, grow telephone-commerce revenue for our clients, the list goes on and on.

Here at Ansaback’s call centre, we never stop working – making sure our clients get a high level round-the-clock service – 24/7, 365 days of the year. Admittedly, to reach this level of success there have been many hurdles to jump, we have to work hard and continuously evolve in order to not only maintain but develop our modern, efficient call centre operation.

The first thing that people are thinking when they hear ‘call centre’ is, monotonous and repetitive, stressful and working with several complicated systems and software. Here at Ansaback’s call centre we work with software called CallScripter, which has been designed in-house where the developers truly understand the needs of a busy call centre and important communications strategies.  We value training and support and we take every opportunity to develop further to become even better. The corporate culture has definitely moved away from the traditional call centre environment to a ‘work hard and play hard’ mentality which we think is one of the keys to operational success. So, how do you become the most successful call centre in the UK? Well, it all begins with building a successful corporate culture…

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