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Brochure Request Call Handling Services

Ansaback, a genuine 24/7 call centre, provide a vast range of business services; arraying from simple message taking facilities, to emergency call out call handling or even managing your company order or brochure request line.

If a customer calls your business requesting a brochure, it is very likely that it is the first time they have made contact with your organisation; this means they are a hot prospect and it is vitally important to create a lasting impression.

Our experienced call centre operators can help you to manage your valuable time; by efficiently, accurately and politely answering your business calls and taking the callers details. We will then ensure that a brochure is dispatched as quickly as possible to the customer, along with a standard letter on your headed notepaper.

Why spend your precious time sending out brochures, when a professional telephone answering service can do that for you? Ansaback’s order line and brochure request call handling services are much more than an agent sitting their answering the telephone, we can integrate our systems with your business; guaranteeing that you can provide a professional, real time service to your customers.

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