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Beware of 070 Number Scams!

Ofcom has designated 070 numbers for use only as personal ‘follow me’ numbers, which are charged at a higher rate. Ofcom does not allow an end user revenue share on 070 numbers. PhonepayPlus has recently launched four separate emergency procedure investigations against service providers’ for misuse of the 070 premium rate numbers. For example, have you had enquiries through your website asking to call back potential customers on 070 number (which looks just like a normal mobile phone number)? Most of the complaints that Ofcom have received relate to services such as “missed calls” which then encourage the callers to dial an 070 number for no legitimate purpose.

They are not all premium rate (greater than 10p per minute charge and regulated by Phonepay Plus) but the amount they charge can be set against them, up to 50p per minute, so it is important to be vigilant and aware that these type of numbers are being misused.

Misuse of these numbers has serious consequences, with reported fines in the region of £250,000.

If in doubt, google the company and find an alternative number to contact them!

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