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Social Customer Service, the next differentiator?

Social media is fundamentally changing how we engage with businesses and in some cases look for help. The traditional route of just having a telephone option to call for customer service is simply not good enough. Companies have not exactly responded from a customer’s viewpoint but typically look at channels such as email and SMS as a cheaper option than a live agent resolving a customer’s problem at first time of asking.

Going forward the market is now forcing business to offer access via all forms of social media and will not take no for an answer. Companies such as BT, First direct Halifax and LA fitness now have specific twitter accounts set up for customers to engage and get resolution to their problems. These accounts are managed by their call or contact centres and appear to be offering ‘immediate help’.


This approach is what customers want and social media expects immediacy, so how do you offer that if you don’t have the resources to sit around waiting for a customer to tweet?, how do you manage ‘bad news tweets’ that don’t require a customer service response? The answer could be to outsource in the same way you outsource traditional customer service channels such as phone, email, white mail etc. Ansaback the 24/7/365 Outsource Contact Centre, has developed both agent and technology skill to create the capability to manage social customer service efficiently and professionally across a wide number of clients.

There are still significant challenges and major opportunities for companies needing to be successful and needing to grow rather than lose business and doing nothing in this space is probably not a good option to take. Ansaback know that social customer service if done well will protect our clients reputation and if done really well build new advocates from satisfied customers that will buy more and for longer. Equally getting it wrong can be disastrous as one slip and that slip is live across the world in seconds.  So why does business do nothing or do it badly. Our view is that businesses are incredibly busy doing business and cannot commit the time or resources to fix this area, they are also concerned about losing control if they trust someone else to do it.

Ansaback has for 15 years protected and enhanced the reputation of our clients with traditional engagement channels and will continue to do so; the trust our clients put in us to deliver every minute of every day of the year is now being applied to new channels with great results.

There are options to open up your ability to engage socially with your customers, build your brand and sell more via social customer service. Talk to Ansaback as we show you how to quickly get up to speed.

Social Customer Service when done well has all the benefits listed above, but importantly when done brilliantly can differentiate your business big or small from your competition.

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