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Ansaback research shows that it is still ‘good to talk’

In the outsource contact centre business it is always critical to keep up to date with what our clients and their customers want.  As experts in managing customer interactions we ensure our client’s world is improved whilst giving their customers the right experience.

Ansaback carried out a poll on LinkedIn and had 228 responses with over half of them being business owners or managers. The results showed that 61% of responders felt that being able to talk directly face to face with customers was the most important method of communication with telephone and email coming 2nd and third respectively with 37% and 32%.

One of the most interesting elements to the poll were the 23 comments received that placed a great deal of importance on building relationships with customers or potential customers and then keeping the relationship going by face to face meetings. The comments also placed importance on giving customers choice of ways to make contact rather than restricting it in any way.

In an age of social media and online interactions the overwhelming winners were still meeting people or talking to them on the phone. Social media beat other written forms but only 7% that felt it was the most important method.


So what do we learn from this? The consensus was to ensure people can talk to people and get what they need, appreciating that technology and the online world has a significant part to play (email at 32%) it is important to give customers choices and quick access to get what they need. The right customer experience is now a key differentiator in the battle to win and keep customers for the long term. From Ansaback’s perspective as a multi-channel 24/7 contact centre, we will continue to offer all the methods of communication for our clients to support their growth and continued success, and make sure we are always ready to support future trends.

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