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Ansaback Literally ‘Weathered The Storm’

Despite the catastrophic weather battering our region yesterday morning in the form of St. Jude’s Storm, Ansaback 24/7 call centre on the outskirts of Ipswich remained fully operational with no interruption in the services delivered to their clients. The local area suffered significant damage and there was chaos on the roads and public transport services due to fallen trees and debris, in neighbouring town Hadleigh a double decker bus was lifted off the ground and landed on its side in a field! Many of our employees’ homes were affected with power cuts, fallen fences, even neighbours sheds landing in their gardens, but most managed to get in to work with no real problems. Whilst the business remained fully operational, it did suffer a couple of fallen trees in it’s car park, luckily these fell on to empty spaces so no damage was done to employees’ vehicles. The local area still has thousands of homes without power and today will be busy with the big clean-up, which could take weeks. Whilst many local businesses suffered at the hands of St Jude, Ansaback quite literally ‘weathered the storm’ well and continued to deliver exceptional call handling services, without the need to invocate it’s business continuity plan!

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