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Ansaback invest in their people!

Ansaback (part of IPPLUS (UK) Ltd) has received The Investors In People accreditation, passing  with flying colours following their 3 year review.

Investors In People (IIP) is a prestigious award, and is gained by companies that can show that they invest in their staff and that the staff are involved in a big way in what the company is trying to achieve. Therefore we are extremely pleased to have been awarded this accreditation for a second consecutive time.

The feedback received by IIP from staff interviewed was extremely positive, with comments such as:

‘This is a great place to work’
‘I could earn more in town but its relaxed here and I prefer that’
‘I just love it here’
‘They try and offer you the hours you want’
‘It’s corny I know but it really does feel like a family’

Individuals confirmed they have the opportunity to develop their skills and strengths, with the company giving the opportunity where possible for them to move into a role they may feel more suited to. This not only retains key skills for the organisation but contributes towards individuals feeling their contribution is valued. Some 87% of promotions are internal, which also ensures that the culture and ethos of the organisation are retained.

The culture and values of our organisation are set and led from the top with a clear understanding about strategies that create a good working environment to make people feel valued.


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