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Ansaback – Highly experienced call centre agents

Call centre agents are often thought of as young, inexperienced workers who lack education or students who are working on a temporary basis while they complete their degrees/courses. This is certainly not the case, as successful call centres employees are often highly educated individuals who possess qualities such as being proactively helpful rather than overaccommodating and the ability to listen and respond appropriately.

Generally, the characteristics of a successful call centre agent are:

• The ability to listen
• Reliability
• The ability to think on their feet
• Accuarcy
• A sense of responsibility
• Adaptability
• Self discipline

A call handling job requires an employee to combine reliability with flexibility and mix of adherence to schedule and adaptability in order to meet customers’ requirements. Call centre employees are rewarded for attributes such as customer satisfaction, number of calls taken, accuracy, soft skills and product knowledge, to name but a few.

Ansaback agents are highly skilled individuals who excell in delivering first class services for our clients.

As well as continuosly supporting our agents in their roles, as Investors in People, Ansaback ensures that call centre agents are given the opportunity to progress their careers within other areas of the business if they wish to do so.

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