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Ansaback goes green!

As a 24/7 call handing centre, Ansaback are constantly looking for new ways to help the environment and reduce their carbon emissions. The call centre has taken radical action this year by upgrading and replacing their dated 18 year old air conditioning unit with a ‘greener’ system, in an attempt to save energy throughout the entire business.


The new system will be more energy efficient – allowing Ansaback to produce better results and output capacity and above all will help minimise their impact on the environment. Furthermore, employees within the call centre have the added bonus of being able to control individual sections of the air condition unit!

Ansaback have been lucky to work alongside the Carbon Trust for this project, who have kindly contributed to some of the costs involved in the change over process. It has taken 2 people, 5 weeks and a lot of hard work to install the system, however disruption has been kept to a minimum within the call handling centre; this has ensured that Ansaback’s services have maintained their premium standards.

Ansaback looks forward to other environmentally friendly projects in the future!

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