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Ansaback Call Centre Olympic Fun !

In aid of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Ansaback call centre decided to offer their call handling agents the chance to win a number of different prizes. Back in 2011, Sharon Ball our Operations Director came up with an Olympic Ticket competition where our 24×7  agents would need to collect Olympic Tickets that would present themselves at the end of a script every time we have answered 2707 calls. The agent who is lucky enough to find one would be required to write down the session ID from that particular call to allow the ticket to be verified. The aim is to collect as many tickets as possible in order to win prizes.
The prizes are all Team GB themed and include a digital camera, MP3 Speakers, confectionary items, key rings, playing cards amongst other things.
The finish line is in sight as the competition ends next week and tensions are running high in the call centre as everyone’s aiming for gold! Tune in next week to find out who will take first place to win the much sought after digital camera!


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