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The Ansaback ‘Ansabus’ is on standby…

The snow affects every business in different ways but there is one common factor which plights businesses across the nation – Staff!


Getting staff into the office when there has been a heavy snow fall can be very difficult indeed. Fortunately, Ansaback does not have this problem! Two years ago we made an investment in two 4×4 vehicles to make sure we are always able to pick up our staff if they are worried about driving into work, this is to ensure that we continue to provide our professional 24/7 call handling service. Some operational staff are more than happy to chip in the help make sure the call centre is fully staffed with different members of staff taking on shifts in the Ansabus – our four wheel drive Ford Ranger- to collect staff who live in rural areas which can often have treacherous roads making it nearly impossible for the normal vehicle to pass. We have yet to use the Ansabus this year but with the latest snowfall and more due, it might make its appearance on the roads surrounding Ipswich very soon.


Remember, if you’re worried you might miss calls due to lack of staff, call 0800 088 7878 to find out how we can help you and your business!


The Ansabus being prepared, ready for action…


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