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Ansaback Research – Contacting a business

A recent poll from Ansaback the 24/7/365 outsource contact centre, showed some interesting results when the question was:

What is the most annoying aspect of trying to contact a business with an issue for them to resolve?







The results showed that out of five potential areas for frustration when calling any business to resolve an issue, that queuing was indeed the most frustrating with 36% of the votes cast. “I’ve hung up before I ever get through to the info I need because of automated systems” was a typical comment.Of the other areas ‘Customer service staff unable to help’ and ‘Can’t resolve the issue first time’ came second and third respectively with 24% and 20% of the votes, leading to many comments about language barriers and training of customer service staff.


Another key comment was: – “More people today don’t have time to wait in phone system queues. Give options for immediacy for those who will not wait in a queue”.

With these comments in mind Ansaback created a number of options to reduce or take away queuing completely when calling the clients we take calls for.
One of the most popular options is ‘AnsaQ’ where callers are able to secure their place in a queue by pressing the ‘5’ on their keypad, hang-up and we call them back as their queue position comes up in our system. A great advantage for callers, to release them to do other things with the assurance that they will get looked after in a set-time.

Other good uses of technology are giving customers the ability to ‘Text to Call’ or ‘Web to Call’ so instead of calling and waiting in a queue they can fill out a short text or web-form and we call them back within an agreed timeframe.
It is clear that we all get frustrated by systems, technology and poorly designed customer experiences. There is however simple and effective steps companies can use to give a great customer experience and remove the frustrations. Outsourcing to Ansaback and taking advantage of our highly skilled agents, best in creed technology and tireless efforts to continuously improve the customer experience for our client’s customers.

For more information on the research or our Ansaback solutions:-

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