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Over 50% Want to Work Flexibly

In a recent survey, Planon Software, found that over half of those questioned would like the opportunity to work more flexibly. Tim Clapham, marketing director at Planon, says: “Cultural, economic and social changes are all influencing the way in which we balance our work and personal lives. As such, we are seeing the traditional 9-5 work pattern being replaced with more flexible working practices. However, our survey reveals the surprising fact that this practice is not yet completely widespread. For modern businesses, providing employees with increased options to suit their working styles has become increasingly important to boost employee retention and satisfaction whilst also improving the efficiency of the business. As such, the large number of employees that are still being denied these options could be working below their full potential, and may also be less efficient than others who are enjoying greater flexibility.” Planon collected the views of more than 100 professionals over a three-day period in order to gauge their views on flexible working. The results indicated that businesses could gain a number of benefits by introducing more flexible policies, and that many of these initiatives could be implemented very easily

As an outsourced call centre, Ansaback is perfectly placed to support flexible working practices. With a full range of 24/7 services, from message taking through to full customer service and order lines, businesses and individuals have the confidence that when they are extremely busy or not in the office, their calls can still be answered.

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