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Telephone Answering & Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth (WOM) is nowadays a hot topic in business marketing. WOM has the potential to make or break a brand overnight. Just imagine the scenario:

A customer calls.
You miss the call.
They are frustrated.
They only wanted to ask a question.
They leave you a voicemail.
You miss the message and don’t call them back.
They tell their friend.
Who repeats the scenario to 5 more friends.
Who in turn tell everybody they know, that this company doesn’t return customer calls.

WOM marketing spreads like a virus, and a negative impression of your company generated from just one unhappy customer and missed call, has the potential to damage your brands reputation and image to hundreds of prospective customers. Yet this can be avoided.

If you use a professional 24/7 call handling service you can help stimulate positive WOM marketing about your company; by ensuring that your telephone calls are never missed and what’s more, answered on time by a real person.

A 24/7 telephone answering service is a cost effective solution to helping you maintain your customer service levels.

Ansaback’s 24/7 Call Centre can provide your business with affordable call handling services, and to find out more about how we can help your WOM marketing strategy, call 0800 088 7878.


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