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3 years of support for St Elizabeth Hospice


Ansaback has supported local organisation, St Elizabeth Hospice, for 3 years. The charity was chosen because of the incredible work they do caring for people suffering from a range of conditions. From palliative care to respite care and including a day centre, St Elizabeth has fantastic facilities which they are constantly maintaining and upgrading to provide the very best experience that they can. Some of our staff visited one of the facilities last summer to understand better what it is that the staff here do. You can read about our tour here.

Over the last 3 years, our charity team have come up with a multitude of fundraising ideas as well as getting the company involved with the Hospice’s own campaigns. We have regular dress down days, pub cards, raffles and bake sales. We have also held pub quizzes, book swaps and bowling nights which have boosted our fundraising totals considerably. Most recently we participated in the Wooly Pully campaign and the Ridefest challenge organised by the Hospice. Their fundraising team always have exciting fundraisers going on. You’re sure to find something to suit you or your business if you are looking for a cause to support.

We are extremely proud to have raised an overall total of £10,014.20 for St Elizabeth Hospice!! It’s been great fun and we have had so much support from the Hospice team. We’d like to thank them for this opportunity to help local people. We must also thank Mary Goldsmith, who does a fantastic job organising the company charity events along with Kim Hynes, Natalie Sharp, Hazel Davidson, Vicki Studd and Kate Ayriss and everyone else who supports our charity team.

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Posted on July 19, 2017 @ 9:32 am by Ansaback


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