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10 Steps to a Greener Contact Centre


One of the best New Year’s resolutions we’ve had here at Ansaback is to make our workplace greener. Suggestions have come from Customer Care Advisors right through to Senior Management. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to make our environment more conscientious.

  1. Last one out? Turn the lights out!

We work out of a large building, part of which is 24 hour. We have a policy that the last one to leave an area for the shift or evening ensures that all the lights are turned out in that areas to try and conserve electricity.

  1. Recycling stations

We have installed recycling stations which consist of General Waste, Paper and Card and Mixed Recycling bins around the office. We have also removed the under the desk bins to encourage the use of these stations.

  1. Compost bin

Next to our tea making facilities we have a counter top compost bin for tea bags, coffee grounds, and food waste. This is emptied daily into our outside compost bin. In a few months, we hope to have compost that will be available to our staff!

  1. Paperless invoicing

We have been moving towards a paperless office for some time and the most recent step was to implement paperless invoicing for our clients.

  1. Window tinting

Tinting has been applied to our office windows to keep the offices cool so that air conditioning is used less often. It also reduces glare on our employee’s screens and rejects virtually all incoming UV light.

  1. Car share scheme

We reserve priority parking for employees that share the journey into work and also have a matching system to link up employees who travel in from the same area.

  1. Bike to work scheme

We offer a bike to work scheme and secure storage for anyone up for some energy saving exercise!

  1. Energy efficient light bulbs

We only replace our current bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, so it won’t be long before we are 100% efficient J

  1. Turning PCs off at night

Not only is it good practice for the health of your PC, but also reduces energy output to fully shut down devices overnight.

  1. Making green thinking a part of our company culture

We are proud to call ourselves a green organisation and have fantastic employees who help us uphold this aspiration. Responsibility and integrity are two of our corporate values and we believe this contributes to our ‘green’ attitude.

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For more information on our Green strategies, email

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Posted on January 17, 2017 @ 1:12 pm by Ansaback


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